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Womens Forum


Rules And Regulations -
  1. Womens Forum - National Integrated Medical Association can be formed anywhere in maharashtra.
  2. For Formation of Womens Forum, Minimum 11 Members are essential.
  3. For womens forum membership, N.I.M.A. membership is mandatory.
  4. Womens forum working area will be same as respective parent N.I.M.A. branch workign area.
  5. womens forum officials will be from womens forum members only.
  6. Following posts will be in womens forum -
    • president - 1 post
    • Vice-president - 2 posts
    • Secretary - 1 post
    • Joint Secretary - 2 posts
    • Assistant Secretary - 2 posts
    • Treasurer - 1 post
    • Executive council members - 5 posts
    • Press and publicity convenor - 1 post
  7. womens forum should bear a separate saving account in nationalised bank. This account will be operated by president, secretary and treasurer jointly. signatory autharity - treaurer compulsary and president and/or secretary.
  8. womens forum secretary should send monthly report to parent N.I.M.A. branch secretary and N.I.M.A. State branch secretary.
  9. womens forum treasuer should send CA certified annual audit report to parent N.I.M.A. treasurer and N.I.M.A. state branch treasurer.

Membership -
  1. N.I.M.A. membership is mandatory to become member of womens forum member.
  2. Membership can be given to Ayurved, Homeopathy or Allopathy doctors holding registration of regarding university and council. Homeopath and allopath should be Associate Life Member of respective N.I.M.A. parent branch.
  3. womens forum annual membership fees should not exceed Rs 500/-.
  4. Membership fees should be deposited in bank account of womens forum.
  5. After formation of womens forum in all district of maharashtra, womens forum - state branch body will be formed.

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